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See what our patients and their families are saying about Salude.

"I've come a long way, and I wouldn't have done it without the encouragement and the continuing support of the people that are here at Salude."

– John F.

"I feel like a million bucks. The men and the women here and the equipment that I've experienced has been superior."

– Patti P.

“Everybody has a hands-on approach here. Whether it be from nursing to therapy to administration, they’re not afraid to do somebody else’s job in order to help the process and help that patient feel as comfortable as possible.”

– Staff, Kurt F.

“They treated us almost like family…we knew what was happening, which was really good.”

– Katharina and Harvey S.

“I’m very happy being here right now. They’ve just bent over backwards and come in and make sure that everything’s okay.”

– Jean G.

“I was very impressed with all of the staff…When you go out and you’re looking at the facilities, look at the place. If it looks beautiful and nice, that’s great. But the thing you want to look for is people.”

– Leonard B.

"I feel like I’m making some real progress, and I actually look forward to going (to therapy)."

– Lee and William B.

“To me, this is the only place to go. I’ve been in other places for rehab, but this is one of the best right here.”

– Jack F.

"I think that one of the biggest attributes about Salude is the personnel here. The nurses are extremely capable and attentive."

– Henry G.

"Salude is very dear to my heart, and that's why I decided to come back full time in this position."

– Staff, Karlene C.

"I would say they [Salude] are awesome. They can't be compared to any other place, and they're just like family."

– Lois R.

"When I was talking with my cardiologist...he said, 'you picked the best one around here!'"

– Jim F.

"The experience I had with the nurses here was like one I'd never had with nurses before. I felt like an individual."

– Jackie F.

“I really felt good here (and) well taken care of. The environment was lovely… It is the loveliest opportunity I’ve seen for recovery, ever.”

– Barbara S.

“This place is absolutely lovely. It’s not a hospital, and it’s not a nursing home. It’s just the art of healing— the art of recovery.”

– Helen B.

“Therapy was wonderful. They (are) top-of-the line, as far as machinery goes, and top-of-the-art as far as the people go. They are fantastic.”

– Ardith B.

“The staff here goes out of the way to make you feel welcome…It’s just a good setting. It’s been a wonderful experience here.”

– Bill M.

“I thought it would be Thanksgiving before (my wife) would be able to leave, but due to the hard work and dedication of (Salude’s) people, she walked out on October 14th, much to my delight.”

– Bob M.

“The facility is very attractive with a well-equipped gym. Salude provides excellent food service for its patients…I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking rehabilitation.”

– Frank L.

“The staff of professionals at Salude perform (their) medical designations very well, but even more to that… THEY CARED ABOUT MY MOTHER AND WANTED HER TO GET BETTER. Mom picked up THEIR enthusiasm and improved dramatically.”

– Jon S.

“From the moment I arrived right up to my last out-patient physical therapy session, I have found an attentive and caring staff who strive to assist every resident/patient with consideration, kindness, and professionalism in their area of skill.”

– William M.

“I was impressed that the business executive made time to see patients. The nurses administered medication with a smile, and the physical therapists brought me much needed return of strength. Even the CNAs showed care, especially in the dining area.”

– Nicholas D.

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