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Salude Employee Honored by ARC Career Resource Center
December 08, 2017

Salude Employee Honored by ARC Career Resource Center

Each December, the Atlanta Regional Commission spotlights some of the most notable success stories from its workforce programs. 

We are very happy to announce that Salude’s very own Lucyl-Mams Fonkeng is spotlighted this year!

Lucyl-Mams Fonkeng faced a crossroads. After being laid off from a second financial services firm in just three years, she decided to pursue a career change.

She learned about WIOA from the Georgia Department of Labor and applied for training assistance, which enabled her to complete her prerequisite health sciences courses at Gwinnett Tech. She then enrolled in the Radiology Technology program at Gwinnett Tech and the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Augusta Tech.

Mams artfully balanced her responsibilities as a full-time student, wife and mother of three, all while commuting several hours from Gwinnett County to Augusta.

Her family obligations, a health challenge, and the grueling commute from home to school, clinical sites, and home again threatened to derail her path forward. But Mams persevered, determined to succeed.

Mams and her family made great sacrifices to see her cross the finish line, renting an apartment on campus for her in Augusta to alleviate the stress of her 3 hour plus daily commute. But it meant leaving her 3 children with her husband and babysitters for extended periods of time.

Mams completed her degree with a 3.5 GPA and obtained national certification in March 2017. She now works at Aegis Therapies, Inc. at Salude, earning greater than 50% more than at her previous job.

She truly enjoys her new career and is relieved to be in a field that is likely to provide stable employment. 

Way to go, Mams!

Click here for the official article and video.

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