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Frequently Asked Questions

What is high-impact chronic pain?

Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 adults (roughly 60 million Americans), and high-impact chronic pain currently affects about 1 in 12 adults (20 million Americans). These people report being in pain every day or almost every day. In addition to the pain that they feel, they also experience impaired activity and impaired participation in their family, their community, and their workplace.

Who would be an ideal candidate for treatment at The Rizor Institute?

The ideal candidates are those with high-impact chronic pain, including injured workers with severe pain and impaired function who have not responded to conventional treatment.

What is the goal for patients?

To return patients to active participation in family, community and work activities — and to give them the ability to maintain their function with minimal reliance on the medical system.


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“We’re going to try to ensure that your family, as well as you as a patient, are receiving the highest level of care.”

– Madeline Terry

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