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Treating high impact chronic pain requires looking beyond the symptoms and eliminating the root causes: opioid dependency, physical inactivity, and reduced capacity for self-management.

Interdisciplinary Pain Management By The Numbers

The opioid epidemic has markedly increased the prevalence of high impact chronic pain. These people are prescribed opioids 4x more often in dosages 5x greater than other patients with chronic pain. Two out of three people in this group previously had jobs but are not currently working.

85% reduction in patients’ opioid intake.

The average chronic pain patient’s physical functioning increases by 276% after completing the program.

Over 50% of surgeries are unnecessary. Interdisciplinary pain management treatment reduces the number of unnecessary surgeries performed and the opioid abuse that can occur while taking prescribed pain medication.

63% of opioid users start taking medication to treat back or joint pain.

Providing Results That Matter

While each patient is different, the goal is the same: to return patients to active participation in family, community and work activities. Through completion of The Rizor Institute’s program, patients work to:

  • Reduce dependence on pain medications
  • Return self-control
  • Re-establish independence
  • Regain quality of life
  • Restore function
  • Return to work

“At The Rizor Institute, we believe that collaboration and teamwork are key to improving the quality of care and outcomes for our patients.”

– Dee Desai

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