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A message from Randy F. Rizor MD, Medical Director
of The Rizor Institute

A message from Dr. Jill Dermyer, Psychologist and Program Director
of The Rizor Institute

“As a member of the team we’re addressing activities that the patient has difficulty with…or whatever function they would like to do such as hunting, fishing, picking up grandkids, or going for walks without pain.”

– Nicole Rojas

“The therapists that are involved in the program are just amazing—the best that I’ve ever worked with. They had me up and walking, which is just a miracle.”

– Barbara, Patient

“Our goal for our treatment is to improve a patient’s quality of life so that they can continue to do the everyday activities that they love.”

– Abbie Weaver

“This program is really positive because there is a huge opioid epidemic in the United States. People get hooked on painkillers for many reasons, and most of it is because nobody takes an interest in the person and why they’re actually hurting. We need more programs like this in the US.”

– Scott, Patient

“Physical therapy here focuses on increasing the client’s ability to function and to pursue their life in a way they would like to pursue it.”

– David Eisman

“I have a new lease on life. My body feels like I’m 20-something again, and I feel so much stronger mentally as well as physically. The pain has almost completely gone away. I’ve been able to get off of all of my opioids while I’ve been here after being on them for almost 15 years.”

– Mandy, Patient

“We team up with Occupational Therapy to deliver a customized treatment, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all program.”

– Jason Hahn

“At The Rizor Institute, we believe that collaboration and teamwork are key to improving the quality of care and outcomes for our patients.”

– Dee Desai

“We’re going to try to ensure that your family, as well as you as a patient, are receiving the highest level of care.”

– Madeline Terry

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